We provide Professional Indemnity Insurance in North Wales, Manchester and Liverpool to keep your company covered.shops

BIS are delighted to have been providing plenty of Professional Indemnity Insurance lately. Web developers and PR agencies are just some of the types of business we have been making sure have proper cover with professional indemnity insurance policies.

Professional indemnity insurance is essential in many professional businesses, especially if you work with confidential client information or offer advice to clients.

Professional indemnity insurance is a form of liability insurance you should most certainly not overlook. The problem is it can often seem very complex to those who are not familiar with the terminology. This does not mean its importance should be underestimated.

Instead of avoiding professional indemnity insurance you simply need a commercial insurance broker who specialises in professional indemnity insurance and clearly explains your policy to you.

The issue most insurers face with insurance claims is the client not really understanding their policy and therefore what their cover does or does not include. When the insurance relates to your business this is even more important. Professional indemnity is definitely a necessity for professional companies offering services to clients and other companies. You need to be covered in the case of human error!

Here at BIS we make sure you are not left in the dark about your cover. We always explain every aspect of your policy clearly so you know precisely what policy you require and what your business is covered for. In the case of professional indemnity insurance in North Wales, Manchester and Liverpool we take the time to understand what services your company provides and therefore what specific cover it will require. We cut through the industry jargon and explain exactly what your insurance means for you and your business. Since we are local to you we are always happy to meet face the face and provide in person advice for your business.

Although it is unpleasant to think about, everyone makes mistakes. Since human error is very much a possibility in most professional businesses, no matter how skilled you are, you need to make sure you have full liability cover. Remember everybody makes mistakes at some time or another. By failing to acknowledge the potential for human error in your company you are putting your business at risk by not being properly prepared.

You should always be clear on the conditions of your policy before you agree to so come to BIS Insurance where we tailor your policy to your needs and make sure you understand it!

Web developers and PR agencies are just some of the companies that require professional indemnity insurance.  To find out more contact BIS at any of our office in North Wales, Manchester or Liverpool.

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