Our Commitment

Our philosophy is that we are “local and small enough to care but large enough to matter”. Please let me explain further.

We at Business Insurance Specialists (B.I.S) have local consultants with knowledge in your area at our disposal: available at your request to assess the needs of your business. This service continues not just as a new customer, but will be consistently reviewed over the years to assess your individual requirements as your business evolves. This assessment can take place at a venue and time of your choice via face to face, telephone or even the internet as everybody’s needs are different. I personally consider we are committed to local, friendly, good old fashioned service and are “local enough and small enough to care”.

I hope you will enjoy the peace of mind we strive to provide at B.I.S. Insurance and look forward to receiving your feedback.

Roger Stevens CERT CII


Business Insurance Specialists Limited is a part of Brown & Brown, Inc. one of the world’s largest insurance broking businesses.
Brown & Brown supports our business by providing access to strong insurance partnerships, enhanced insurance products, risk management resources, and the expertise of over 14000 insurance professionals worldwide. To find out more, visit 


T: 01492 555 444
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T: 01248 665 300
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T: 01257 440 250
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Llandudno Office: 01492 555 444
Bangor Office: 01248 665 300
Wrexham Office: 01978 804 200
Manchester Office: 0161 870 1183
Liverpool Office: 0151 203 1145
Lancashire Office: 01257 440 250
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